Oil Massage

I do Shiatsu (Pushing and Rubbing) and oil treatment. I may apply strong pressure sometimes. We’ll discuss it during counseling before the oil treatment.THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE.

・Prices include tax.
・Discounts - Please refer to the price list below for details.

・Using non-fragrance oil.

Time Service contents


60 minutes

This is for the lower part of your body only, from soles to hips. 

8,500 yen

Back side only, from ankles to shoulders. This treatment takes the stiffness out of your back muscles and improves blood circulation, making your body feel at ease. 

8,500 yen
90 minutes Whole body(from soles to shoulders), except face. 10,500 yen
120 minutes Deeper massage of the whole body(from soles to shoulders), except face. 13,500 yen




Please note that the time duration of the options below will be included within the aroma oil treatment times listed above.

Buttocks Intensive Care

This involves Shiatsu massage of the hips, buttocks and thighs, after which aroma oil treatment will be conducted. This buttocks intensive care is recommended as well because you use your hip muscles everyday, for sitting, walking, and running.THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE.


10 minutes:2,000 yen

20 minutes:4,000 yen

Jap Kasai(Testicle Massage)

Testicle massage might recover your genital function. It's called Jap Kasai in Thailand. You would feel refreshed by a massage on your testicle that is tightening in clothes every day .THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE.


20 minutes:4,000 yen

25 minutes:5,000 yen

30 minutes:6,000 yen

35 minutes:7,000 yen



Repeater Discount

You will receive 1,000yen OFF if you re-visit within 30 days from your last visit.
Discounts can't be used in combination.